Facilitating MRSM Pendang

I would choose experience over fun anytime. Because experiencing something is fun, but not all fun things will give you a valuable experience. Facilitated a motivational camp (in MRSM Pendang) for the first time ever with the MPPs of KMKN, my roommates and a few of my batch mates - many who I just realised existed when we got there. 

I just found out why all the teachers has been going around saying how the Engineering UK will stand out. The majority who went to facilitate were Engineering UK students. Out of 10 girls, 4 were Engineering UKs which in ratio to the amount of girls in the program is a lot (there are only 6 of us girls). 

All in all, it was fun. Had Syed as my partner and he could have handled the whole group all by himself, to be honest. Sometimes, we'll only be able to see someone's strengths when they're in action. I was surprised to be honest. Shared tips with the SPM kids, played games with them and made them feel mentally tortured. Was told by a teacher that I speak like popcorn... Okay... Had a few people approaching me asking me what they should do to improve their english. Memang I look like an English teacher pun. 

I am honestly looking forward to facilitating more motivation camps because from now on, all we'll do is improve and improve in our facilitating and organising. Had a few kids from my group texting me saying thank you and the fact that many of the kids remembered my name - the other facilitator's name too - made me feel appreciated. I also had keropok lekor for the first time in ages. It was good.


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