Is this it

And so I question and I ask myself. 

Where did we go wrong? What did I do that wasn't enough? What did she do that wasn't enough? Why do we keep fighting? Why do we keep misunderstanding each other? Why are we dealing our problems like this? Why couldn't we kiss and make up? (Okay probably not kiss) But what's happening to us? Are we going to just end the friendship we've built? Are we going to waste the years we spent apart from each other but still managed to stay best friends? Is this how people grow apart from their friends? Is this it?

I miss us. The us who would spend our nights up laughing and prank calling people. The us who would call each other when we feel troubled. The us who accepted each other's flaws. The us who were confident when we're together. The us who believed in each other. The us who believed in our friendship.



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