Uncomfortably Comfortable

The season is changing, it feels like autumn is finally here. I used to get excited over autumn, but over the years, I've grown to appreciate the summer. It feels a bit sad that I can now hear the leaves rustling, I can feel the temperature dropping and I can see the days getting shorter. I sometimes wish that I could share this feeling with you so that you can experience what I'm experiencing. But you don't like the cold and we don't talk anymore.

- - - 

I just got off a one-hour call with someone who seems to understand me better than I understand myself because we're so much alike. We're both in this phase of life where our comfort feels unsettling.

We’re at a crossroad - we're caught between the comfort zone and a restless yearning for more. In a way, we're living our dream lives but we still feel incomplete. We feel like there’s much more potential within us but the idea of committing to something bigger feels daunting. 

Carrying on with our present life wouldn’t be a compromise and following the flow wouldn’t jeopardise our future. But that's why it's uncomfortable... we know that there's more that we can achieve.

But what is it? 

I'm now on a mission to carry out a life audit to assess how I can improve my life. I'm about to become my own consultant, to find out what my aspirations are and how I'm going to achieve it. 

I have also decided to go on a social media detox in hopes that I'll be able to understand my life better without the influence of people that I barely know. While I know that I will feel detached from the digital world, I think it'll help nurture the friendships that I've unintentionally overlooked. I've decided to not set a timeframe for this but I'll return once I've spent enough time understanding myself.

Here's to temporarily stepping back to see the bigger picture. Here's to embarking on a journey to find myself.


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