2 Months into Adult Life

It has been nearly 2 months since I started 'adulting'. I won't say that time flew by because in all honesty, I've just lost track of time. I'm unable to differentiate when last month was and when 2 months ago was. University seems to feel like it ended years ago but at the same time, I was shocked when Hannah told me that bonfire night's coming up because it felt like it was just a few months ago when my mates and I were discussing whether to go. I have a feeling that this is how it's going to be for the next few years, I just hope it won't be like this for the rest of my life.

However, there is always the weekends to look forward to though I have nothing against the weekdays. My weekends throughout the two months have been a mixture between doing so many things and doing nothing at all. There was a day when I stayed in bed the whole day just because I couldn't bring myself to do anything. It turned out that it wasn't a great idea because I was so tired when I got up, it was horrible.

Yesterday, even though I stayed at home the whole day, I made earl grey cupcakes which to me, tasted amazing. I used The Hummingbird's Bakery recipe which you can get here but I cut down the sugar to 200g though I feel like you can go with even less! I made sure to taste it before baking it because there was this one time, I made thai green tea cupcakes using the same recipe but ended up putting too little sugar. Though it tasted okay, it definitely could've been better. I've always felt like a lot of cake recipes you find online use extravagant amount of sugar and makes your dessert taste sickeningly too sweet. Despite that, I would always end up finishing off what I baked which probably reflects why I've gained so much weight.

Getting back onto the topic, with the weekdays, sometimes, all I want to do is stay in bed and sleep all day but everyone who I've told that to would go "That's unlike you." It's just so different from uni because a lot of the things I did then was because I wanted to and not because I had to. I can't just suddenly not turn up for work like how I wouldn't turn up for 9am lectures... it just doesn't work that way. I know I'm always comparing things with uni but your girl 'just' graduated, my inability to move on is bound to happen anyway.

Now, I'm having difficulties with ending this post naturally so I'll end it like this. I have my 'Things I Would've Regretted Not Doing' 1/4 way done so that's on the way. But until then, bye.


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