Starting Work

I'm in my second week of adulting (ie working). I now have a routine that includes waking up at 7.30am and going to bed at 10pm. In between, I obviously go to work for 8.5 hours (including lunch) and I'm still figuring out what to do with the remaining 4 hours that I have in the evening. I've asked my colleagues and most of them spend half of that on commuting which I don't have to worry about because my house is just 5 minutes walk from the office.

Last week, I would arrive home and feel like dying because I was just tired but I've realised that my body was just not used to it. Now that I'm in my second week, I'm not tired anymore, just bored to death. Yesterday, was a little bit better because my housemate, Hannah was around so I hung out with her while she was making dinner but she's on a business trip today and tomorrow.

Therefore, I decided to google the things that I could do. And guess what, I've found a massive list of things to do. One of them being writing a blog post, now here I am! Also included in the list were doing yoga, reading a book, watching a movie (which I've done so much of), going jogging, picking up new hobbies and many other things like that. I guess Google is amazing in the end.

Anyway, work has been interesting. I've been learning new concepts and have also been hating my uni for not teaching me the things that I actually need to know. But to be fair, I can only understand things easily now because of the things that I've learnt at uni. Therefore, it's not too bad. Plus, everyone at work seems to always be 'free' to teach me things even when they're extremely busy especially my 'replacement' line manager (who is also my mentor).

She let me borrow her textbooks (which I brought home to read) and read I did. She also walked me through concepts, she taught me things one by one, basically, I feel like I have my own personal teacher which is amazing. However, I would always feel as if I'm incompetent. I have heard that with working, there's a steep learning curve before it plateaus so as of now, I can't wait for the time that I can feel less incompetent!

That aside, I find myself valuing my lunch time a lot because it's the only time I get to meet the people downstairs! (I'm upstairs) And it's also the only time I get to 'socialise', I'm not going to complain though because we get an hour of lunch. My 'buddy' also comes up to me to see what I'm up to before he leaves for work so I've got that extra bit of human interaction. Very soon... tomorrow actually, we'll be revamping the 2nd floor to become a hang out spot. Can't wait to see what that's going to look like because then, when it's cold and ew outside at least we'll get to hang out and have lunch there.


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