Got a Job!

Above is an instastory post during the assessment day. 

Job hunting hadn't been easy but fortunately enough for me, I've landed a job in an industry that I wanted to be in. I was lucky enough to know what I wanted to do before I graduated which meant that it was easier for me when it came to job hunting.

To be fair to everyone, the opportunity did not come rolling to me. If you had been with me throughout my final year, you would've known how much time I've spent in searching for jobs, researching companies, looking through industries, studying for interviews, writing my personal statements (to fit each company) and updating my CV. All of this takes a lot of time and even though I did do all of that to procrastinate, it still took a lot of time.

My graduate job would be in the building industry doing building services engineering. Just reflecting back to the past, I decided to do engineering because I wanted to realise my ideas. I picked mechanical engineering because I thought that for sure, one day, I'm going to enter Proton and make it great.

However, throughout university, things changed for me. In my third and final year, I was very involved in learning about start ups. My friends and I went for a competition, we went on a 'tour' of the Malaysian start up ecosystem and I interned at the University of Sheffield Enterprise. This was not the route I decided to take on immediately after graduating, though. But it did open my eyes to realising that there's so much more out there that I could do rather than my initial 'dream' of making Proton great.

Sometime during my degree, I've realised that there was nothing within the engineering industry that got me excited. However, in my final year, I did a module about building physics. It was something that to me, wasn't 'mechanical engineering' but it was! I had so much fun during the module, I enjoyed every bit of it and I got extremely good grades for it.

Then, I've realised that I've found that one thing within the industry that got me excited. That was when I knew what I wanted to do. I was still very open to other engineering opportunities (I didn't reject any of the interviews I was offered). But to be honest with you, I was already looking into doing other things in the case that I don't get a job in the building industry (including banking - which was extremely attractive).

Because I knew what I wanted to do and which industry I wanted to go in, all of my researching efforts became very focused. While I was searching, there were very few job openings and I had just missed the application deadline for one of the biggest company that was hiring. I also looked into working in other countries such as Qatar and Hong Kong and since this girl ain't got no commitments, moving wouldn't be a problem.

However, fortunately enough one of the companies that I applied to invited me to their assessment day. I loved the atmosphere of the office when I visited, people were friendly, HR was efficient and the director was very welcoming. A few days later, I received a call and soon enough, here I am!

Yesterday was my first day and today, I joined a project meeting. I realised that I have so much to catch up on and hence, I am currently reading a guide on the 'Selection of Control Valves in Variable Flow Systems' while listening to Alif Satar.


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