First week

First week of classes, I’m still alright. Until now, all my lecturers seem pretty chilled. Some even pulled out the “It’s okay if you fail this class but you wouldn’t be able to go to the UK,” card. Not planning on failing for sure. Up until now, I’ve accepted the fact that all my lecturers like to talk. They can go on and on about a topic and I’m like there wondering where it all came from. Trying to get our Fridays class-free so that I can go home on Thursday or Friday morning if we could just get our afternoon class moved up earlier. 

We’ve been stood up by our lecturers a few times but it’s alright, it’s only the first week. Something embarrassing happened yesterday, we got to the top floor of one of the blocks and later found out that we went to wrong lecture hall. But you know, being all chilled we just went back down to the right hall which was big enough for a lot of people but there were only 11 of us. Meh. I also met Acap who was my schoolmate for awhile back in primary school and high school and who I've met twice before during my holidays, at UTP during orientation and at Petrosains when I went with Q and Jared.

Moving along, I am not at all satisfied with my bed as I have height issues. Sitting up will make my head hit the top bunk and it hasn’t happened just once. But overall, my yellow-painted room, purple curtains and cemented floor are alright, at least there's a roof above my head. Though it can get pretty warm hot sometimes, mine and Hannah's personal fans are keeping the room windy since the ceiling fan is close to being useless. 


Anonymous said…
i love your opinion. it's totally amazing!!!

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