Because I’m doing my degree now, that’s probably why I’m posting up something. I had a long 3 months break of lazying around which I spent with no regrets. 

The orientation or MSR of UniKL MFI was nothing like what I expected. We spent most of the time on the floor listening to boring talks but it all payed off when we started playing games. None of the Orientation Committees (OC) yelled their heads off, none of them gave us evil stares and none of them told us to do push ups. Even when we did so bad at singing and didn’t give our all while doing the claps, they didn’t tell us off, not even once. Continuous encouragement were what we got. But I seriously didn’t find waking up at 2am for no reason funny. Neither did I enjoy the fire drill. But they gave us sweets during the talks so that was alright. There was this one talk though, that didn’t need any sweets to keep me up because the guy was just hilarious. Kamal Affandi Hashim’s talk was on “Remaja vs Jenayah” and the fact that he made his whole talk enjoyable is amazing. 

Putting MSR aside, I’ve gone through my first day of degree and why why why are there so many thick books to buy. No. Seriously. It was only the first day. 


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