Soon it'll be over

Being at home for a night was enough to revive me. I feel better now, stressed or not, I feel happier. With the closing ceremony for the MPP of SPC July's Anti-Smoking campaign done, there's now only the annual dinner and graduation left until my job here as an MPP is done.

With meetings and setting up event venues until early in morning. With getting told off for things that are out of my control. With having to sacrifice my entertainment time so many times. With having to run here and there. With needing to spend more time out of my room than in. I've experienced so many things as an MPP but I'm not planning on continuing. 

Finals are in 2 weeks and then the holidays! Plans after plans have been made, I hope it'd be as fun and productive as my post-SPM break. It'd also probably be my second last long holiday break in Malaysia before I go off to the UK. Because after that, it'd be me + work, all century long. Am I scared? Pretty sure that I am. I need to probably set some rules straight before I start working like go back home every weekend, spend time with friends once a month, lunch with parents once a week, holiday with the family once a year… stuff like that. 


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