Nearly the end...

It's amazing how time flies… or how I'm always so busy to blog. My previous post was about my batch's Semester 2 orientation camp and now I'm in my last month here in KMKN! I have done so many things and was given so many opportunities to develop myself for the future. Infinitely grateful to Allah for this path. 

I was too used to speaking in English back when I stayed at home. During my first few weeks in KMKN, so many commented about my awkward Malay. But look at me now, I speak Malay even when I don't have to! Sure, I do still sound a little bit awkward but lets say I was thrown somewhere else, this Asma wouldn't be like this. Moreover, I now know how to use a squatting toilet, not a pro yet though! Back then, I would tell myself that after I graduate, I'm going to work abroad. However, somehow, bit by bit, this place and GEL made me start appreciating Malaysia more and made me start realising that Malaysia needs me. I've definitely grown into a better Malaysian. 

Throughout this semester, I've skipped so many lectures. A few when I went for an MPP Convention, a whole lot more when I went for GEL events. But I've caught up with everything, it was hard going to class and not understanding a thing but the experience I missed them for was totally worth it. Remember my semester project? Well, D.I. Tech got gold for it! Co-curriculum day was spent well with me handling EMC's game booth plus giving out bookmarks that everyone made together in the IL room a day before. Went out on a trip with Wani and Aishah to Alor Setar where we walked a few kilometers, definitely memorable as we also went to a 3D gallery.

The MPPs organised a BBQ for the whole batch and oh was it fun sitting around a table, sharing food instead of eating out of our own plates. On one of the weekends, I went to Penang and slept over at Hannah's, breathed in that city plus sea air. Even went out to Seoul Garden with my program mates. Last year, we had to do a drama, this year, we had to do choral speaking, a few hours of practice and we did pretty well, performing it with our Engineering-UK shirts on. Tutored SPM kids from MRSMs and the schools around Kuala Nerang too… Teaching is certainly out for me.

I see myself much more open to criticism and comments. I'm also more outgoing than long time ago. Ask me to dance and embarrass myself up on stage like what I did for the opening of Anti-Smoking week and I'd be okay with it. I'm also way more confident now. I remember back when I entered KMKN, just introducing myself got me swimming in cold sweat but now, I can go up there and become an MC with only 10 minutes prep time. I used to hate listening and watching myself in a recording, but hey, my SCT project has me being myself in it! And this would all be thanks to GEL since it taught me to go beyond my boundaries, the countless number of presentations and also my program mates who would always forget that I'm a girl.

However, out of all of these events, there's one that I will never forget. I was ill, must've been the water. Whatsapp-ed my parents in the afternoon, was called later at night saying that they were coming here. All the way from home. Plus, after mum called, I got better so I called back telling them that I was getting better and that they didn't have to come. But they said that it's alright and if I'm all better, we can just go sightseeing around Alor Setar. And so they came and I was all better. Dinner at Alor Setar tower, went around a museum and a mosque the next morning, Laksa for lunch, stock shopping later on and then they sent me back to college. I was so touched that I cried. From that, I was able to conclude that I was homesick or parentssick and I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to survive in the UK later. 

Honestly, I'm just glad that I chose this place. Where else would I be able to gain this much experience. 5 years of high school is nothing compared to the momentary 10 months I spent here. 


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