Aisyah's Wedding

I was about to write a whole blog post on an instagram caption about my sister’s wedding but realised, hey, I actually have a blog to write on.

It's been a week and a bit since I've gotten back from my very long holiday which I wish had been longer. But now I’m back, I’m just very desperate to be able to start working from the office again - which will start this upcoming Thursday!

Going back to the wedding, it was actually the main reason why I had gone to Malaysia within this unpredictable period. I had bought my flight ticket a week before I was due to go back, but then on that week itself, a new directive came out which meant that I had to immediately fly out in order to be able to quarantine at home. Which lead me to buying a very last minute flight 5 hours before take off - on a working day. Felt very blessed that my line manager was ok with it as I was only able to tell him while I was at the gate. 

I digress - now, back to the wedding. I was pretty much not involved in much except for the arguments that I sparked. And even then, everyone at home had to deal with it while I was here - upset but obviously away from all other emotions. But in it all, the wedding went perfectly well, I’d say. But only because everyone was involved and helped out.

I pretty much ran errands with Aisyah, sometimes on my own while stealing some time to meet up with my friends that had confirmed the plans with me before I even arrived in Malaysia. Did a lot of driving more than anything else, but my second favourite thing of the wedding prep was going to Seremban with Papa really early in the morning to pick up bunga telur. It was actually quite funny because lady didn’t realise how far Seremban was when she decided to order them!

However, my favourite part of the wedding prep had got to be when all of us were sat in the living room doing the door gifts. We had to ribbon them up and add tags before they went through a rigorous QC. There was a time when Aisyah wasn't around, we managed to get a box out in terrible quality compared to the others because we had boxed it up before she got to see it. 

A day before the wedding, the whole family and Aisyah’s bestest friends (who are God sent) went to the wedding hall to drop things off and set things up. All went well and it was also the first time I went to the hall - I thought it was gorgeous! Aisyah and I then went to set up the nikah hall which was horrid but air conditioned and I guess that’s what matters most.

Wedding day itself was hectic. There were a lot of things that were raised on the day itself, last minute changes and unwanted surprises but I was happy that we had reserved parking! God bless! It all went way better than I thought it was though except for the fact that I had forgotten to practice smiling with braces in so all the photos with me in looked very ugly. 

Aisyah’s songket looked so good! I was super shocked by it and Nani made her make up look amazing. I was glad she went with the songket in the end. 

By the end of the day, I was just dead tired, I had blisters on my feet and wasn’t able to walk. I was about to ask her friends to drive Aisyah to her photoshoot but then realised that there wasn’t space in any of the cars for me to go home in. So I had to drive them to Ampang, taking a nap in the car with Nawal while waiting and then finally drove back home.

It was in the car that I realised that I hadn’t eaten anything except for one kuih in the morning! And basically, missed out on good food. There was a bit left though but apparently all the good ones were finished. So tip to self for the next wedding, eat.


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