Summer Holiday '19 (Dubrovnik)

Spending my Sunday at home, I thought it was about time that I start writing about my summer holiday. I took 3 weeks off this year, it got people at work jealous; shocked that I was allowed such a long holiday, bless Gary for approving that. I had an amazing holiday in Croatia, Bosnia and around Southern England with my family. Thanks to Aisyah for being our travel agent, it was a smoother holiday than the one I planned last year. 

Our holiday was based on the cheapest flight in and out and so we decided to do Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Konjic, Mostar and lastly Split. We flew into Croatia via Norwegian Air and out on Scandinavian Airlines. Hakim came a few days before we were due to fly off and he went around  Berkshire with Aisyah while I was at work preparing for my long leave. 

Our holiday started with a train into London, meeting up with Zariq for CocoCurry and of course - Yolkin. We then took the train to the airport where we waited for a while until security opened and then headed in to get a meal deal from Boots. Hakim went a bit crazy and got 4 sandwiches thinking that we were going on a 9 hour flight (I have no idea where he got that idea). 

Flight was smooth and I got 3 seats to myself because we were sat at the back which was a great start to the trip. Arriving into Dubrovnik, we got onto a bus, I sat on the left side and got to see the amazing sea view along the way to the old town. Arriving there, we lugged our luggage and dropped it off at our accommodation which was just off the main street. 

Walking into the old town through the city walls felt like walking into a theme park. The sun was shining down on us, which wasn't a great feeling because it got too warm to be comfortable but as soon as we got to see the sea, I moaned a lot less. It was amazing. I just genuinely enjoyed being there. 

After cooking/having lunch at home, we went out to explore the town where we went through alleys, climbed stairs and got lost. And after that, I managed to convince Aisyah to walk 30-45 minutes to see the sunset by the beach because Hakim's always up for it. Hakim and I swam in the sea, in the sunset; which was a dream come true because my parents would have never allowed us to do that (because you shouldn't be out during maghrib). It was definitely the highlight of Dubrovnik. 

We woke up early the next day to get onto the city walls, I had to get the 1 Day Dubrovnik Card because only certain student IDs were accepted like the ones from Totum. I got it online just because it was cheaper to. I was mesmerised by the view from the walls for the first few minutes but then the sun just got to me. It was still amazing to have walked all the way around the city so I would definitely recommend. We then took a break and explored the museums. In the evening, we climbed Fort Lovrijenac and had our afternoon snack up there while enjoying the view. It was beautiful. 

We wanted to head to Sarajevo early the next day but it was sold out. So, always book your bus tickets early even if people tell you that you don't need to! Therefore, we had to get the one that left a bit later which was fine since everyone then had no choice but to play monopoly deal with me.  

We then got on the bus where we had to pay for luggage and the journey was one to remember but I'll continue the next part of the journey next time!


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