Eid 2019

Expecting Eid this year to be very hambar, I'm surprised it wasn't! The scale of everything was much smaller than last year and though I decided to not take the day off on Eid itself, I did do very Eid things on the weekends that followed.

I can't say if it's bad or good but Ramadhan as a whole just felt like a normal month to me just that I was on a diet. Friends and colleagues were astounded with how I was actually able to do it and some was even worried about my health. I had iftar twice at my colleague, Roaa's place. I was so happy to just have been invited over for iftar and she was the sweetest to have invited knowing that I was doing Ramadhan on my own here. I also went to Aisyah's place a few times and went for an iftar-do at her friend's house. Malaysian food would always bring you back home for awhile.

The day of Eid itself was uneventful except that I had my braces done on the day! Rest assured, I had Eid food the day before courtesy of my new roommate. I had eaten soup and liquids for awhile until I discovered (out of desperation for Eid food) that I could actually eat a lot of food!

We were over at Abang Lan and Kak Ida's and I had lodeh and sambal kacang - obviously tambahed a few times. And that was my official first day of raya! We went around London, enjoying the sun with our baju kurung. Talking about baju kurung, I finally got one that in a design that I've wanting since forever, unfortunately, it was all black and on certain angles, it'd look like a jubah. Which was not what I was expecting.

On the second week of raya, we held our own open house. We had soto because lets be honest, it's one of the easiest things to make. Had Abang Lan and Kak Ida, Aisyah's friends from Oxford, the castle court gang and my work friends come over. It was a bit all over the place at first since everyone suddenly decided to come at the same time! But then once I stopped worrying, things just fell into place. Here are some photos from the day:


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