just trying to be creepy yano

I have written one whole page but then blogger froze and everything was gone. I am too upset to retype it back. May I cry. Maybe, just maybe, if I had been a little patient, it wouldn't have happened. Lesson learnt. Good things come to those who wait. 

Skip that. An aching body plus the laptop does not equal to sleep. Is it too obvious that I'm trying to retype back what I typed out before? I just came back from a trip where I cooked, flew, went camping, hiked and learnt a lot from with my batch mates. I wouldn't have missed it just to be at home for a few more days - okay, probably I would. 

I wish to go on another holiday with my batch mates because in a snap of a finger, semester 2 would end and we would all go on our own separate ways to achieve that dream we've been dreaming of since we were young. I haven't been with the lot for more than 5 months but most of them have already saved themselves a space in my memories and in my heart. When would be the next time we meet when foundation is over, I question myself. Forget the answer, I'm living in the present, not yet the future. I should use these few months I have left in KMKN to the fullest. 


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